Ebay Removed Low DSR Left By Buyer




eBay Protected Me As A Seller! Ebay Removed Low DSR

A little while ago, a buyer who shall not be name, left “positive” feedback complaining that there was not as many stamps as he expected in the lot he bought from me. The lot I was selling was a small mixture and the description mentioned that “all stamps are shown in the picture below”. There was no more than 20/25 stamps, so it was quite obvious. Unfortunately I had stumbled upon a buyer that can’t be bothered to read or one that expects things that don’t exist.

Although the feedback was green, I had a hunch he slammed me on the detailed star rating (DSR). And as a matter of fact a little while later I received this email from eBay:

Thanks for being a great seller. eBay has protected your seller performance status.
You received multiple low detailed seller ratings or claims from a small number of buyers, which is inconsistent with your excellent performance on eBay. We have excluded these ratings from consideration in your performance evaluation.

Ebay removed low DSR from my account. I must admit that I was quite surprise. eBay, for long, was known to let their sellers fend for themselves. So I have to say thank you ebay.

Since this first instance, I have received this same email a second time. This time another buyer who didn’t read emails: buyer paid full shipping before I had a chance to send the correct amount with revised/discounted shipping cost. I had to refund him the extra he paid PRIOR to shipping. Then he complained about shipping costs. Go figure. Of course his feedback were false positive and he slammed me on the DSR rating. eBay stepped in (without me having to do anything by the way) and removed his rating).

I am an honest seller, I always combine shipping to the lowest cost possible, I provide all the pictures needed and I answer questions. After that, not much I can do if buyers imagine things. So Thank you ebay for stepping in from time to time.

Have you had similar experience? Did Ebay Removed Low DSR on your account?


Untouched World Charity Kiloware

I usually say “if there’s no picture don’t buy” but this time I’ll trust the seller feedback on his kiloware. He sold a lot of them (either world charity kiloware or UK charity kiloware) and buyers seem satisfied with their purchase.

Now this is a 1 kilo (2.20 pounds) kiloware from charity. Postage is not cheap so it might be a deal breaker (it’s coming from the UK) but if you feel like digging in some charity mixture this could be a fun pick:

Charity Direct Kiloware – 1 Kilo WORLD ON PAPER

I haven’t decide yet if I am going to buy one of it. I promise myself to slow down and stop buying kiloware but it’s like a treasure hunt. there is the “what I could be missing if I don’t buy”… If I do end up buying, I’ll let you know how good (or bad) it was. If you do buy one, please share with me!

Mission Mixture Style Stamps Lot

Not the best time for a mission mixture. I know summer is coming and we have better things to do than waiting near the sink soaking stamps. BUT it doesn’t mean we should not keep an eye out on some nice job lot for next fall. I often list smaller stamp mixtures, mainly under a pound, so for a change I went and find an interesting mission mixture / “job lot”.

This is for 3 1/2 lb of worldwide stamps, not especially close cut. Seller has quite a few pictures so you can get a good feel about this mixture. He does ship worldwide from the USA, although it’s rather expensive.

That’s a bit over 1.5 kilos of on paper stamps. Might be a fun sort either for a collector or a reseller located in the USA (unless you don’t mind the shipping price, but on big lots like that, shipping overseas is often a deal breaker).

Better than mission mixture

mission mixture


It’s on buy now so first come first serve (unless the seller list more in the future).

Vanuatu Stamps Kiloware from a Fiji Seller!

Found on eBay is this nice Vanuatu kiloware. Technically not a kiloware, this is still a rather nice selection of on paper Vanuatu stamps. These are not that easy to come by, so if you collect small islands it might be of interest to you. From the seller pictures, it seems to be a rather good selection (might even be some complete sets?).

Oh and guess what? Seller is in FIJi so you may expect a few recent Fiji stamps on your parcel as well. I almost wish I was collecting Vanuatu. I need to browse his inventory and see if there is anything for me in there. I love receiving beautiful package bearing nice stamps. Don’t you?

Here’s a sneak peak: Vanuatu Kiloware. Auction ends on June 12th 2013

vanuatu kiloware


Vanuatu was formerly known as New Hebrides (Nouvelles Hebrides). Is that a country you collect?