1 kilo France commemorative stamps kiloware + extra gift

That’s a big 1 kilo lot of France recent commemorative stamps kiloware, 2000 to 2010. The seller does not specify if it is single or double paper so you will need to ask. Seller ships worlwide but you need to contact him for postage costs to your country. He will also add as a gift a lot of 140 stamps recent in complete sets.

France stamps kiloware 1 kilo!


france stamps kiloware

2 thoughts on “1 kilo France commemorative stamps kiloware + extra gift

  1. Nathalie

    Good morning,

    thank you for visiting!

    I do not often sell kiloware (most of the time I just highlight other sellers lots) but over the weekend I did post some kiloware and mixture for sale Kiloware

    Most auction ends on March 18th

    Thank you

  2. gionata

    i want buy kiloware stamps of france italy and other.can you send a list for nation and prize.
    many thanks

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